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Blog with long therm projects at their birth or casual series of everyday life. My creative process in its most dynamic and unpretentious format.


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In its sixth edition, the Photographing the Unconscious workshop arrives for the first time in Barcelona in 2018.


What is light’s trajectory when reaching for the retina of a gazing subject? Which images in the back of the eye does it color? Shapes, surfaces, shades of green, blue, pink and yellow.

As the observer moves, their perception moves along, selecting particularities in the transitory scenery, dimming everything else around it, which will soon be lost in the depths of imprecise memories.

Thus goes the passing observer, briefly accounting for the tree branches between rocks or the figure of a man walking down the side of the road. His focus lies ahead, in the path that culminates in light, the received light that explodes and irradiates in its arrival. Light that brushstrokes the passage of time. Time-illusion, invention of the man who paints with memory the blurred landscapes through which he strolled.