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In its sixth edition, the Photographing the Unconscious workshop arrives for the first time in Barcelona in 2018.


It is in the presence of another that we come to understand ourselves. Upon witnessing a smile, a lament, a distant gaze or a deep glance we learn a bit more about human nature. The portrait is a lesson about the plurality of the soul – not necessarily alluding to spirituality, but as an essence, something we share with each fellow human, regardless of nationality, gender, age or ethnical background.

The portraits chosen for this series sojourn through the crests and crevasses of the human condition, in a search with no beginning and no end. Some of the subjects – aware of the camera’s presence – meant to render a facet that best represented them. Others, however, were completely oblivious of the presence of an attentive observer in pursuit of such essence – a vain pursuit, seeing as the soul cannot unveil itself completely. It is, nevertheless, a valid endeavor, as it captures for a brief moment a few of the colors refracted in such an organic prism.


“Portraits are the mirroring image of the artist’s body, characters borrowed as their alter ego. They arise as fruit of the environment, symbiotic creatures, submerged passers-by; reflective under a philosophical lens that Schietti also puts himself through, analyzing fate in search for urgent transcendence. They point out the essential quality of spaces in the definition of human character as well as the inherent dissension of the landscape.” (Ralph Gehre)