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In its sixth edition, the Photographing the Unconscious workshop arrives for the first time in Barcelona in 2018.


Life on the planet is more than the dynamic manifestation of an evolutionary chain. It is the planet itself, a living entity long ago acknowledged by ancient traditions. Gaia is the synthesis of a concept that the modern mind still has trouble assimilating: she is the mother that shelters us all, which also makes us conscious particles of this gigantic body, much like the neuron cells in an animal’s brain.

With no ambition of encompassing the plurality of life on Earth, the present series takes a tour among images of animals and plants throughout three continents. The link between them resides in the dynamic quality of life, which evolves across the eons, jumping from one manifestation to the other, adapting to the particulars of each habitat, in an incessant dance between natural and living elements.

Domestic dogs, fruit of human manipulation, feature among the portraits of wild animals: they are not examples of withdrawal from the natural flow of things. We are part of that flow and all our actions as well, even if we sometimes appear to choose paths opposite to the millenary traditions regarding what harmony between humans and the environment means.

Milky crystals lie among textures of leaves and shells. They are a primitive life form, capable of growing and dying. The mineral medium precedes the botanical in the impulse toward life. “Life has a role in the origin of minerals as much as minerals have a role in the origin of life.” (Robert Hazen)

A colonizing tree stands between the cracks of hardened lava in a dormant volcano, representing life’s herculean effort to thrive in every available patch of ground. In each crack, in each gap between the buildings of a metropolis, Gaia manifests itself.