Produções simples ou complexas com a finalidade de informar e promover a venda através de imagens cuidadosamente pensadas e executadas conforme um briefing.

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Galerias onde meu estilo e expressão artística são melhor apreciados. Séries que exploram temas como a água, o urbano, os sonhos ou que são resultados de projetos mais longos e complexos.


Blog with long therm projects at their birth or casual series of everyday life. My creative process in its most dynamic and unpretentious format.


Blog onde publico o início de trabalhos mais longos ou simples devaneios. Meu processo criativo dinâmico, sem amarras ou pretensões: fotos, vídeos e textos em constante evolução.


From the Unreal to the Real

Every night we dream, and every morning we forget the places visited and the adventures lived in dreams. This rich universe to which the mind travels while the body sleeps has immeasurable potential for understanding the human condition and for self-knowledge. The exploration of this potential is the proposal of this project, which develops, through hyper-realistic photographic montages, a diversified reflection about the relation between the dream life and the vigil.

The project From Unreal to Real - landscapes of the unconscious, portrays the process of self-knowledge of the protagonist Osiris in his dream life, which begins in dreams of childhood and approaches an epilogue as the character acquires lucidity in dreams .

For the elaboration of the plot of each image presented, the author frequently consults his dream journals, which already have over a thousand records since 2008. This elaboration borrows concepts from the theories of Carls Jung and Sigmund Freud, who states that "What characterizes the waking state is the fact that the activity of thinking occurs in concepts, not in images. Dreams, however, essentially think through images."