Produções simples ou complexas com a finalidade de informar e promover a venda através de imagens cuidadosamente pensadas e executadas conforme um briefing.

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Galerias onde meu estilo e expressão artística são melhor apreciados. Séries que exploram temas como a água, o urbano, os sonhos ou que são resultados de projetos mais longos e complexos.


Blog with long therm projects at their birth or casual series of everyday life. My creative process in its most dynamic and unpretentious format.


Blog onde publico o início de trabalhos mais longos ou simples devaneios. Meu processo criativo dinâmico, sem amarras ou pretensões: fotos, vídeos e textos em constante evolução.



After over a thousand years of history, Venice remains one of the world’s most precious jewel. How to compose a new perspective while portraying a city that has been so exhaustedly photographed due in its unique beauty, its charming channels, its hazy atmosphere and wide artistic atributes?

I’ve had the opportunity to visit Venice for the first time during the opening days of the 57th International Art Exhibition. Along the regular mix of university students, elderly locals and most diverse crowds of tourists, the city was highly populated with artists of all sorts attending the Biennale.

While also taking part of this frenesi, I engaged in a new production of an ongoing project which I call “Extended Moments”. To do so, I produce additive multiple exposures in-camera, the result of a meditative state between the first and the last click. As siblings one to the other, the accumulation of these different moments compose a testimony of a condensed perception of time and space, but also an invitation to perceive the city not as the standard postal card view, but as the result of an unique experience.

Emerging from an apparently chaotic crossing of lines and shapes, I here present Venice in Extended Moments.