Produções simples ou complexas com a finalidade de informar e promover a venda através de imagens cuidadosamente pensadas e executadas conforme um briefing.

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Blog with long therm projects at their birth or casual series of everyday life. My creative process in its most dynamic and unpretentious format.


Blog onde publico o início de trabalhos mais longos ou simples devaneios. Meu processo criativo dinâmico, sem amarras ou pretensões: fotos, vídeos e textos em constante evolução.



Rock climbing is at its core a mental sport. It demands physical fitness? Yes, to the extreme. It demands, without a doubt, technique. And it does demand resistance, endurance to sustain strength and movement through long periods of time.

But above all, it demands control of the mind.

Determination, the facing of the fall, the fear’s overcoming, and the respect to fear itself.

In my fifteen years of practice I’ve met lovers of rock climbing of all ages and sorts.

Upon coming to live in Barcelona, where I’ve recently completed 2 months, I’ve came across a vibrant climbing community. Amongst them are locals, born in Catalunya or in other parts of Spain, foreigners and many Brazilians who live here for a while. I then had the chance to meet a high performance athlete, who soon became a friend as well: Vinicius Todero.

This short series bring images I’ve produced to a project we’re doing together. It was the second time I’d go up a fixed rope with the sole purpose of photographing and video making. What an experience it was!

With no further delay, Vini Todero at theT1 full equip, 8b+/c (fr).