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In its sixth edition, the Photographing the Unconscious workshop arrives for the first time in Barcelona in 2018.


Vitor was born in Brasilia (Brazil) in 1986, but feels like a citizen of the world, having travelled and lived in many countries. He currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. Vitor is passionate about rock climbing and the vegan cause,  which he dedicates himself to through the project The Vegan Utopia.

why calefaction? porque calefação?

Por que Calefação?



A hot afternoon in Brasilia was stage to four prestigious musical groups, surprises of the Sofar Sounds: Letícia Fialho, Pierrot Lunar, Renato Vasconcelos & Cores Raras. Although the location was a bit far the audience was present and during the intervals cheerful conversations and smiles sparkled here and there.

During the presentations, the silence from the public was countered by fluid and captivating sonorities of artists that dared to reinvent Brazilian music. Good stuff.

Trying to catch in images the fluidity and the rare colours of the songs played here are the pictures I produced to Sofar Sounds Brasilia.

IMG_1433 IMG_1442 IMG_1534 IMG_1556 IMG_1723 IMG_1741 IMG_1764 IMG_1768 IMG_1792 IMG_1800 IMG_1944 IMG_1957