Original work


Series of photos, videos and texts that I collect along the way.


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In its sixth edition, the Photographing the Unconscious workshop arrives for the first time in Barcelona in 2018.


Vitor was born in Brasilia (Brazil) in 1986, but feels like a citizen of the world, having travelled and lived in many countries. He currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. Vitor is passionate about rock climbing and the vegan cause,  which he dedicates himself to through the project The Vegan Utopia.

why calefaction? porque calefação?

Por que Calefação?



The traced path, when looked in retrospect, seems the correct one.

The indistinct form, when looked through bifurcations, seems solid.

Troubled waters, when observed long enough, seem placid.

Is the lichen growing in the shade, the true prodigy of the forest?


I walk tortuous paths, through which I collect pieces of what I believe is me.

Running over a dry lawn with the first dog, a father’s rump, a mother’s lap.

In some of these paths I lose myself,

in others I find myself.


For a moment I touch the void, but stand steady, bare feet on damp soil.

In others, the void touches me, and I float between what once was,

what is at this moment,

and what it will be.