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Vitor was born in Brasilia (Brazil) in 1986, but feels like a citizen of the world, having travelled and lived in many countries. He currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. Vitor is passionate about rock climbing and the vegan cause,  which he dedicates himself to through the project The Vegan Utopia.

why calefaction? porque calefação?

Por que Calefação?



[translated from original version in Portuguese]


It takes courage to fly through the air.

Not the courage empty of reason, or a blind act of faith,

but the one that grows as the wind touches the feathers,

and absorb the shapes and colors of the landscapes visited.


When one takes off, a path is chosen.

But the ways through the air flow in any given direction:

To one side, to the other, back and forth, up,

and down.

pássaros fotografados na Islândia, em Agosto de 2018.