Original work


Blog with long therm projects at their birth or casual series of everyday life. My creative process in its most dynamic and unpretentious format.


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It flies slight between green branches,

OA6A9285between the threetops that perspires a subtle mist;OA6A9367OA6A9297OA6A9333Big red eyes stare!OA6A8808grow in a moist trunk, fugi of strange properties;OA6A8733rests on the moss, a piece of old life;OA6A8752OA6A9269even though domesticated, attentive eyes stare me back,OA6A9303OA6A0212OA6A8415when I cross through craters, lakes and forests;OA6A9378when I make myself present before Her pores.OA6A0137OA6A0335