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Blog with long therm projects at their birth or casual series of everyday life. My creative process in its most dynamic and unpretentious format.


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Invisible to the eyes but sensible to the touch,IMG_0290it sweeps dry lands bathed by salty waters.IMG_0096It bends the human body, which tries in vain to hide its footsteps,IMG_0059-Edit

It erodes the lie, expose the feeling, dissects the soul.IMG_9875

It is capable of generating energy or taking it in a breath;IMG_0225thus it’s a giver with no eyes or measures.


It brings quickly the twilight, in which the attention must be expanded


so as the sunset portal won’t pass by unnoticed,

IMG_0331so that one doesn’t trail again tracks already traversed.IMG_0080On the limit between the heart and the reason,IMG_9986the wind explodes,IMG_9897taking with it what was never mine to call.